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Thriving in the Dark
A Practice in Winter Folk Tradition and Wisdom
December 2023-February 2024
16 spots

About The Course:
Update: This class is full, however feel free to email me if you would like to be notified for new classes 


This is a three month series of classes that focuses on age-old methods for thriving in the dark cold months of Winter. You will learn about the magic, folkways, and wisdom of deep Winter. We will explore the lore and practices that hail from pre-industrial Scandinavia and Northern Europe, and we will also weave in some modern practice. 


In this course you will learn these methods and how to apply them to your life to thrive in darkness, even outside of the winter months. What you will learn has been practiced for hundreds years; their age and persistence is a testament to their efficacy. 

We will take a winding path through the Winter Solstice traditions, New Years practices, Candlemas, and old forms of protection and cleansing. This class will have much hands-on practice. We will be making Doftvatten (talismanic perfumes), healing ointments, Trollpåsar (charm bags), blessing candles, healing waters, and more. We will learn about local spirits, spirits of the home and land, and do some light ancestral work that is common around this time of year.


All materials are included in the course fees. Materials include perfumery oils & extracts, bottles, plant material, candles, oils and wax, and more. The plant material and some of the fragrances are hand foraged or grown by Hayley.


Complimentary fika will be included and an integral part of each class (Fika is a Swedish practice, known as a time to enjoy dessert and hot beverages with others). This will be a time to marinate in what you learned, a time to ask questions, and also a time to socialize. What is given will typically be home baked sweets and personally blended and foraged herbal teas. 


If you are interested in spirituality, folk wisdom, animism, and folk magic that is rooted in a long standing lineage this would be a great course for you to join.


The Course Contains:

6 in-person 2 hr classes over the course of three months. Located in Madison, WI, near east side. Class will either be held at Hayley's house or the Goodman Community Center.


Class runs Sundays from December through February. You will have access to emailing Hayley with questions and reflections throughout the three months. If people are interested, we can have a private facebook group.

About the Teacher:

Hayley Huston is a practitioner and teacher of British Isles and Scandinavian folk tradition. She places great importance on working with ancestral cultures as a means of deepening one's spiritual practice, enlivening one's relationship to nature, and connecting to the wisdom of ancestors. Her background is in traditional Nordic folk healing and spirituality, herbalism, modern energy work, seiðr, and divination. Hayley has worked 1-1 with her mentors to become a teacher of these traditions, and has had over 9 years of training and practice. The information in this class comes directly from her years of training and research in folk archives. 

Course Fee:

I offer sliding scale pricing for this series of classes. It can be paid in full by December 10th or can be paid over the 3 months. A deposit of $100 is required to reserve a spot, this will go towards the overall cost.

Please take a look at the different tiers in the image below to choose which payment amount is right for you. If you would like to sign up for the class please email me at and let me know which tier you fall under for pricing.

Tier 1: $200

Tier 2: $30

Tier 3: $550
























Monthly Schedule 

Some content is subject to change depending on who signs up and how the class progresses. Class takes place 3-5 PM on the Sundays listed below. (if the time of day doesn't work send me an email, we might be able to move the time).

December 10th

Basic and foundational lesson in folk magic, Themes of Winter, Introductions and welcome potluck


December 17th

Mindrooms, Midwinter tradition, Traditions of the 1st new moon


January 7th

Befriending Winter, Releasing the old yearMateria Magica basicsthe beginning and the end


January 21st

That Which Illuminates 

Candlemas and St. Brigid’s Day, Candle magic and lore, Healing waters, Offerings to the Land, Life Stone, Spell Casting: How to make a thriving spell, Trollpåsar (Troll bags & Troll bundles)


February 4th

StoriesBeingness, Death, & Surrender, Spell Casting: Make a blessing ointmen


February 18th

Traditional Protection and Cleansing recipes, Poor People's Candle: Tjärved/Healing Woods, Returning to a place, Moving into Spring, Spell Casting: Making Talismanic Perfume

Saturday Class Schedule 

December 16th, Jan 6th, Jan 20th, Feb 3rd, Feb 17th, March 9th. 

sliding scale
candle in forest
harvest festival
brigid's cross
sacred tree with offerings
handmade perfume enfleurage
stones and crystals

Images Pictured (Top to Bottom):

Candle in forest

1960's harvest festival at St. Mary's Church England

Hayley's Materia Magica


Sun and Brigid's straw crosses (antique)

Igloo with candles

Ginger molasses fika cookies

Healing tree with shells


Talismanic perfume.

Materia Magica

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