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Thriving in Spring
A Course on Folk Magic and Wisdom 

May 19th-June 30th


About The Class:


Join me for an intensive 7-week course that focuses on age-old methods for thriving in spring and early summer. We will explore the lore and practices of pre-industrial Scandinavia and Northern Europe, and we will also weave in modern practice. In this course, students will learn the traditional folk magic and lore of Spring and how to apply that to their everyday lives to thrive and unfold spiritually. 


This class has a focus on practicing folk magic, learning traditional folklore, finding life purpose, and developing folk wisdom. Students will gain awareness of current limitations and learn how to grow into their most authentic and thriving selves.

We will take a winding path through the springtide traditions, midsummer practices, traditional symbols of thriving, plant magic, water magic, old forms of cleansing, written spells, energy healing, shifting fate, developing wisdom, mediumship, and more.


Students will be introduced to Saga, the Goddess of Story, and learn how to manipulate the Threads of Life. Classes on the spring tradition will have a focus on learning about—and how to work with—the animals, plants, and spirits of spring.


Students will make and take home doftvatten (talismanic perfumes), paper talismans, and healing waters. 






Some content is subject to change depending on who signs up and how the class progresses. Classes are 2.5 hours and take place 3-5:30 PM on the Sundays listed below. 

May 19th

Themes of spring, the wisdom of spring, spring spell work, spring folklore


May 26th

Spring folklore and magic, traditional symbols of spring, plant magic, animals, plants and spirits of spring


June 2nd

Energy work with plants and elements, midsummer magic and folklore, making Trollpulvar or magical powders


June 9th

Water magic and folklore, midsummer magic and folklore, making a midsummer talismanic perfume


June 16th

Mediumship with the Goddess Saga, traditional cleansing techniques, unraveling what hinders growth, weaving the glimmering Threads of Life, heroes and stories


June 23rd

Growth & grace, Life Purpose and what you love, building the container of life, befriending the unknown, stories beyond death, sigil magic and traditional symbols and spells for thriving

June 30th

Developing folk wisdom, expanding the edges of what is possible, shifting fate and Eternity


The Course Contains:

7 in-person 2.5 hour classes, held over seven weeks. Class is held at Hayley's house on the near east side of Madison. Sundays, 3-5:30 PM.


There is 2 hours of learning & practice and 30 mins of optional QA, breaks, and social time

Class runs from May 19th-June 30th. There will be a private online community group for people to talk and reflect on their practice during the 7 weeks.

Complimentary fika will be included and an integral part of each class (Fika is a Swedish practice, known as a time to enjoy dessert and hot beverages with others). This will be a time to marinate in what you learned, a time to ask questions, and also a time to socialize.

All materials are included in the course fees. Materials include perfumery oils & extracts, bottles, and plant material. The plant material and some of the fragrances are hand foraged or grown by Hayley.



Course Fee:

This class is offered at sliding scale

Please take a look at the different tiers in the image below to choose which payment amount is right for you. If you would like to sign up for the class please email me at and let me know which tier you fall under for pricing. I also offer a pay what you can model, if you fit between or under tiers. 

A $200 non-refundable deposit is required to sign up.

Tier 1: $200 (one spot at this price)

Tier 2: $400

Tier 3: $600




About the Teacher:

Hayley Huston is a practitioner and teacher of British Isles and Scandinavian folk tradition. She places great importance on working with ancestral root cultures as a means of deepening one's spiritual practice, enlivening one's relationship to nature, and connecting to the wisdom of ancestors. After nine years of training, she now teaches classes on folk tradition and spirituality, and she works 1-1 with clients to heal issues of a spiritual nature. As an intuitive, she helps clients to help find the direction of thriving through traditional ways of seeings and knowing. Hayley has worked 1-1 with her mentors to become a teacher of these traditions. The information in this lecture comes directly from her years of training and research in folk archives. 

Sliding scale pricing
blackthorn wall paper.jpeg

Black thorn by John Henry Dearle  Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Tulip Morris  Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Flora Goddess of Spring Roman Fresco 

Rachel H, WI

I had the immense privilege of taking Hayley’s Thriving in the Dark Season course this past 2023-2024 winter, and I wish there were words to describe just how transformative, grounding, informative, and gift-filled our time together was as a class. Alas, there are not, but suffice it to say that Hayley is an incredible teacher and the content/ space she offers for learning is unparalleled. Hayley is a patient, kind, peaceful, and generous teacher; she crafts a learning experience that is very special, and learning about trolldom (Nordic folk magic), dedicated action, materia magica, and other cosmologies has left me far more in-tune with the seasons and my natural surroundings. I cannot say enough good things about the many and varied ways in which this course has positively impacted my life. I am so grateful to Hayley and to the other people in our class for making our time together so special!

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