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Spring Folk Magic from the British Isles and Scandinavia 
Hedge Meadow Class
April 28th 2024 11-1pm

About The Class:

Come be inspired by the beauty of Spring folk traditions!
In this class, you will learn about the magic, folkways, and wisdom of Springtime. This lesson will take a flowering path through traditions of Beltane eve, Walpurgis night, sacred bonfires, traditional water charms, love and fertility practices, plant lore, and more. We will not only learn about these old traditions, but we will also learn why people practiced them and how we can apply this wisdom to our lives. After the lecture, participants will spend time making a spring talisman of their own to take home. Come away from this class inspired to practice traditions of old as a way to thrive in Spring.


The Course Contains:

A 2 hr class on April 28th 2024 11-1 pm. Located in Mazomanie, WI, at Hedge Meadow Apothecary. 

About the Teacher:

Hayley Huston is a practitioner and teacher of British Isles and Scandinavian folk tradition. She places great importance on working with ancestral root cultures as a means of deepening one's spiritual practice, enlivening one's relationship to nature, and connecting to the wisdom of ancestors. After nine years of training, she now teaches classes on folk tradition and spirituality, and she works 1-1 with clients to heal issues of a spiritual nature. As an intuitive, she helps clients to help find the direction of thriving through traditional ways of seeings and knowing. Hayley has worked 1-1 with her mentors to become a teacher of these traditions. The information in this lecture comes directly from her years of training and research in folk archives. 

Course Fee:

This class is offered at sliding scale

Please take a look at the different tiers in the image below to choose which payment amount is right for you. If you would like to sign up for the class please email me at and let me know which tier you fall under for pricing.

Tier 1: $45

Tier 2: $55

Tier 3: $65

Sign up here on Hedge Meadow's Website 

Sliding scale pricing
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