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Healing Services

Sessions to bring in healing, thriving, and empowerment

In European folk tradition, people would typically initiate cleansing and blessing rituals at the start and end of every project, birth, sowing, harvest, death, marriage, meal etc. Cleansing off the old and bringing in new blessed energy was an integral part in everyday ritual practice for people. This is how folks participated in the cycles of life to ensure that anything done was set up to go well and be protected.


Inspired by folk tradition, I offer this kind of work for my clients. I focus on helping people shift into beneficial patterns and I also work proactively with clients to cleanse off the old and bring in blessing when they are going through transitions or starting new cycles in life. 


Sessions typically consist of energy work to clear out old conditions that are holding the client back in some way. I use traditional folk methods of healing as well, like stöpa, applying healing waters, cleansing with smoke, working with plants and more. After cleansing old conditions, we will work together to identify the ideal state for you moving forwards and call that energy in together. These sessions also have an educational component, meant to empower the client with energetic and spiritual tools to use after the session.


These sessions can be helpful for those changing jobs, relationships, homes, business locations, moving, expecting a baby, etc. It could also be beneficial for those who feel stuck in a certain condition or pattern and are unsure why. For instance, you notice that you struggle to find the right partner, every job you get doesn't pan out too well, or you find that your family can't seem to heal the same recurring issues.

I typically work with people who are empaths, sensitive to the energies of others, have had difficult life paths, are committed to healing in this lifetime, interested in developing wisdom, or are interested in folk tradition and the old ways.

Session can be conducted remotely or in person.

Uchenna, New Jersey

"Hayley is a gold mine of intuition and healing abilities. She's the first person I call anytime I have a big life change coming up or need to make a big decision and am in need of some clarity. I can tell she dedicates a great deal of time to her craft just because there have been multiple situations in which I've had blockages or obstacles and didn't see a way around them. She took it upon herself to help clear the energy around the issues and in a matter of days (not kidding), they either resolved themselves or turned out for the better. I've never experienced anything like that before. I always come away from sessions feeling reassured and refreshed. You can tell when someone is sending positive energy your way and is wishing you the best, hence why I think she's able to help transmute or transform the outcomes into the best case scenarios for me. I'm done gushing, but the kudos are well-deserved. 

calendula field

Please email for an appointment. Sessions are conducted via Zoom or in Madison, WI for 1.5 hrs.

They are offered at sliding scale, please see the screenshot below to determine your tier. 

Tier 1 $50 (By donation or free depending on the case at hand)

Tier 2 $100

Tier 3 $150

Email for appointment.

If you do not want to commit to a full 1.5 hr appointment you can book a 30 min short and sweet energy reset or spiritual cleansing. These sessions are offered at $60



I am a complementary and/or alternative healing practitioner, and am not licensed, certified or registered by the state of Wisconsin. My services do not replace those of a licensed therapist or other licensed healthcare provider. My consultations are designed to educate the client on the beneficial effects of energy work, developing personal intuition, developing a spiritual practice, and shifting lifestyle.  Clients are encouraged to take responsibility for their own health.

Blessing and Thriving 

Blessing can be done to promote positive change in many areas of life. Here are some things we could focus on 

  • Bringing in friendship and community

  • Uncovering life purpose

  • Improving money and resources 

  • Shifting unhelpful family patterns

  • Improving romantic relationships and dating life

  • Deepening spiritual practice 

  • Improving emotional wellbeing

  • Providing house/land blessing and healing

  • Helping bring in meaningful work

  • Gaining visibility


Cleansing, Protection, Healing

Shift unhealthy & unhelpful energies from the body, space, family line, home and more.

  • Spiritual cleansing

  • Removing evil eye

  • Restoring lost power and courage

  • Ancestral healing

  • Soul healing

  • Working with the dead, dying, and recently deceased

  • Shifting unhealthy relationship patterns

  • Creating and maintaining boundaries with others

  • Clearing and protection in the home or business

sliding scale

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