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Reviews for Classes


Liliana Coelho, Madison WI

Hayley's "Thriving in Spring" class was exactly what I needed at this moment in time — each session was a perfect blend of practical folk magic and storytelling. Hayley's teaching style embraced all-levels of learners, and she guided us through the spells and practices in a very approachable way. I left each session feeling connected to nature/place and was always eager to continue the practices at home. I'm so grateful we have Hayley as a practitioner in our community! 


Rachel H, Madison WI

I had the immense privilege of taking Hayley’s Thriving in the Dark Season course this past 2023-2024 winter, and I wish there were words to describe just how transformative, grounding, informative, and gift-filled our time together was as a class. Alas, there are not, but suffice it to say that Hayley is an incredible teacher and the content/ space she offers for learning is unparalleled. Hayley is a patient, kind, peaceful, and generous teacher; she crafts a learning experience that is very special, and learning about trolldom (Nordic folk magic), dedicated action, materia magica, and other cosmologies has left me far more in-tune with the seasons and my natural surroundings. I cannot say enough good things about the many and varied ways in which this course has positively impacted my life. I am so grateful to Hayley and to the other people in our class for making our time together so special!


Taylor A, Madison WI

Participating in this course was truly a journey and one that helped me embrace winter in a new way. It was incredibly empowering to embody practices that connected me to nature, the earth, and to those who came before us. Hayley is totally knowledgeable about Scandinavian/ British Isles folklore and magic and has a super calming yet confident presence. She is a natural,  intuitive, and patient educator.  Hayley created such a psychologically safe environment for us to learn, grow, and practice together in, which is super important to me. Personally, my two main takeaways from the course are the concept of acting with intention as much as possible and to consider things in terms of cycles as opposed to lines or dichotomies. 

Anika R, Madison WI

Hayley’s Thriving in the Dark class offered me several new concrete personal practices – both material and reflective! Through paying detailed attention to the changing season and the world around us, we learned how to use meditative practices, spells, sacred and everyday objects, an anointing oil, and cleansing waters to find meaning and healing. While Hayley based her practice in Scandinavian tradition and expertise, I was struck by how universal certain approaches are, and how much resonance they have with other traditions and cultures, ultimately making these practices accessible and meaningful.

Elly V, Madison WI

I would highly recommend Hayley's class, Thriving in the Dark! I loved how experiential and hands-on the class was, and really appreciated the peaceful container that Hayley held for us students as we explored what thriving means to us, and how to point our lives towards growth and life, even and especially during challenging times. 

Avery V, Madison WI

Attending the class gave me a sense of community with others who also wanted to learn more about incorporating these older practices into their daily lives. I was even able to celebrate winter solstice eve by a walk and decorating an altar with a friend from the class! It was also great to chat with everyone in class over tea and treats about what rituals they performed or over our “homework” assignments.

Wendy B, Madison WI

Thank you so much for hosting this class. When I signed up I didn’t really know what to expect, all I knew was that I was called to join. I enjoyed learning about the folk traditions and the spirits of the season. So much to take in and absorb, many of the subjects covered in one class could have their own series.
​I’ll definitely be watching for more classes like this one, I enjoyed it. I look forward to learning more about the folk magic and traditions of the other seasons as well, so you’ll probably see me again! ;)

Justyn H, Madison WI

I often left class with an increased sense of reverence and connection with the natural world and myself. The class taught me ways to transform mundane tasks into sacred practices. It's greatly enhanced my sense of gratitude, reciprocity, and care for multiple facets in my life. The class has truly opened up such a beautiful approach to life that I can't wait to explore more. I'm so grateful for the time spent with Hayley and the community she fostered!

Allison C, Madison WI

I thoroughly enjoyed Hayley's class "Thriving in the Dark Season."  She created a nourishing and enriching environment, combining history and tradition with practical application and approaches.  It was a joy to get to know Hayley and the other students in the class, and I miss having it regularly in my life.  Thank you Hayley for the generosity you offered us all through your teaching.  

Reviews for Services


Johannes Gårdbäck, Author of "Trolldom, Spells and Methods of the Norse Folk Magic Tradition"

Hayley is a very competent Trolldom practitioner (Scandinavian folk healer), an excellent reader, and perhaps more importantly- a person who can see through, sees you, and is capable and willing to assist and support you on that level. This is a rare gem amongst practitioners. Her gift in working with herbs and plants is amongst the most developed I have seen. If you are looking for a good practitioner you have found one.

Uchenna, New Jersey

Hayley is a gold mine of intuition and psychic abilities. There are people who are gifted and who are truly tapped in. She's the real deal and is now my staple reader. She's the first person I call anytime I have a big life change coming up or need to make a big decision and am in need of some clarity. I can tell she dedicates a great deal of time to her craft just because there have been multiple situations in which I've had blockages or obstacles and didn't see a way around them. She took it upon herself to help clear the energy around the issues and in a matter of days (not kidding), they either resolved themselves or turned out for the better. I've never experienced anything like that before. I'm sensitive and 100% believe energy transfers matter, so I'm picky about my readers for this reason. I always come away from sessions feeling reassured and refreshed. You can tell when someone is sending positive energy your way and is wishing you the best, hence why I think she's able to help transmute or transform the outcomes into the best case scenarios for me. I'm done gushing, but the kudos are well-deserved.

Danny D.

Hayley was amazing during our session. She quickly was able give me solid advice; and she also realized that there were other concerns pending! - specifically concerns centered around energy in my home. Once the energy was balanced, it became much easier for me focus on my work. My artwork has started to become better and better since.

Elena B, Madison WI

Hayley made the session comfortable and empowering from the start with easy communication and guiding prompts. It’s clear the dedication she has to the folk knowledge and medicine she studies and practices. During our session, Hayley created a space that felt both embodied and intellectual, gently pushing me towards deeper reflection and articulation of my own underlying perceptions while offering her innate and learned ways of knowing and seeing. We talked through questions around place, community, and strength as I basked in the grounding smell and feel of pine sap - gathered and offered by Hayley - between my fingers. I left feeling way more clarity around changes occurring in my worlds right now, and feel better equipped to ask questions of myself and the relationships I am a part of. I’m so grateful that Hayley is here offering her skills and calm energy to us as reader and a guide.

Haley J, New Jersey

Hayley was so incredibly warm, and I felt like I could trust her with questions very close to my heart. She seemed genuinely excited for me about the good things in my session. Everything she told me - even the more challenging things coming down the road - felt like I was in exactly the right moment in my life to hear it. Months later, I still think about that session all the time - I'm so glad I did it!

Rachel H, Madison WI

I just have to say that I’m still just basking in our session from yesterday. It has helped me SO much already and your intuitive readings of me were spot on for imagery, symbols that stem from the past year plus of spiritual growth for me — some of which I only journaled about in my private journals, so my guardian angels and spirit guides must have been really working with you yesterday. And I can’t tell you how healing it was too! You absolutely rock! I’m serious how amazing it was for me. It will be one of those flashbulb moments in time for me. I’ll remember it when I’m 90; it was so perfect, uncanny, and helpful! Thank you thank you thank you! Thank you for sharing your gifts with me and with the world. We need you.

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