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Soul Sessions

Elena Bird. Madison, WI


"Hayley made the session comfortable and empowering from the start with easy communication and guiding prompts. It’s clear the dedication she has to the folk knowledge and medicine she studies and practices. During our session, Hayley created a space that felt both embodied and intellectual, gently pushing me towards deeper reflection and articulation of my own underlying perceptions while offering her innate and learned ways of knowing and seeing. We talked through questions around place, community, and strength as I basked in the grounding smell and feel of pine sap - gathered and offered by Hayley - between my fingers. I left feeling way more clarity around changes occurring in my worlds right now, and feel better equipped to ask questions of myself and the relationships I am a part of. I’m so grateful that Hayley is here offering her skills and calm energy to us as reader and a guide."

Intuitive guidance meant to assist you with choosing the path towards Thriving, Growth, and Connection

A bit about my approach

In Scandinavian folk tradition, there is an emphasis on doing what you love to do and being of Nytta, and those in combination lead to a happy life. "Nytta" can roughly be translated to being of use or of benefit to others. This wisdom is the basis for which Soul Sessions were created. In these sessions, I am informed by folk wisdom and offer guidance on how to live a fulfilled life and how to take right-action in order to be in alignment with the flow of life and purpose. After being a tarot reader for many years, I also incorporate folk methods of divination to see what is possible for the client and what may come to pass. 


This session is for you if


If you are feeling stuck, lost, off track, or just unsure about your direction, we can work together to find the path that leads to thriving. This would also be a great session for you if you would like to uncover aspects of our life purpose, strengthen your intuition, discover what you love to do, find your "nytta," or step into your soul's journey. This work can be particularly helpful if you are feeling major shifts in your life, are at a fork in the road, or are in a transitional space and would like clarity on which paths to take that lead to thriving. 


About the session


Sessions are part educational, part guided reflection, and part intuitive guidance. I teach clients how to trust and find their own intuition and show how to strengthen their ability to see and know clearly through traditional folk methods. If the client finds it useful, I also walk them through self reflective prompts to uncover their nytta and what they love.

I typically work with people who are empaths, sensitive to the energies of others, have had difficult life paths, are committed to healing in this lifetime, interested in developing wisdom, or are interested in folk tradition and the old ways.

Sessions are conducted synchronously via zoom or in Madison, WI.

They are offered at sliding scale, please see the screenshot below to determine your tier. Sessions run for 1 hr

Tier 1 $50 (or by donation depending on the case)

Tier 2 $85

Tier 3 $100

Email for appointment.

I am a complementary and/or alternative healing practitioner, and am not licensed, certified or registered by the state of Wisconsin. My services do not replace those of a licensed therapist or other licensed healthcare provider. My consultations are designed to educate the client on the beneficial effects of energy work, developing personal intuition, developing a spiritual practice, and shifting lifestyle.  Clients are encouraged to take responsibility for their own health.

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