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While taking classes can enrich your practice, 1-1 mentorships with a teacher can tailor and expand your learning in ways a class never will. A customized mentorship can help you dive deeper into areas you need support or where you feel inspired to learn more.

Mentorships can combine instruction with personal healing, based on your needs. This is
all about you and what you
need right now and what would be most fun for you. Here are some topics I specialize in


  • Seasonal folk traditions such as harvest festivals, winter rituals, springtide magic, midsummer and how to apply that to a modern practice

  • Plant lore and working with plants 

  • Metal and stone folklore and practice

  • Working with one's personal guardian fylgia or "follower"

  • Spiritual cleansing in folk tradition

  • Spådom: knowing, intuition, and divination

  • Working with the land and land spirits in folk tradition

  • Talismans in folk magic

  • Written spells and traditional spoken formula

  • Mindrooms

  • Working with Animals in folk tradition

  • Working with the soul and true self from a folk perspective

  • Spiritual healing and shifting fate for other people

  • Earth folklore and practice

  • Water folklore and practice

  • Air folklore and practice

  • Fire folklore and practice

  • Fate shifting, the tapestry of life, the norns

  • Creating sacred space: altars, home, anywhere

  • Working with soul parts from a traditional folk perspective 

Personal Mentorship Options

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