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About me

Over the last 9 years, I have been a dedicated practitioner of Scandinavian and British Isles folk tradition and spirituality, and healing. I am a folklorist, artist, teacher and intuitive. I have been a professional reader and healer since 2019. I have had many wonderful teachers over the years, to whom I am grateful for their guidance and lessons. I have been lovingly encouraged by my mentors to share my ability, teachings, and experiences with others. This is the foundation on which Hazelwood Healing was created.


After having the privilege to work directly with my mentor in Sweden, to become a teacher of the Scandinavian folk tradition, I now offer classes and apprenticeships on Trolldom (Nordic folk magic and wisdom). I have also contributed to the tradition through my research in folk archives at UW-Madison libraries. My training and research is the foundation of my work with clients and what informs the information in my classes. I am passionate about bringing these old traditions into modern life to help people live a more beneficial and joyful life today. 

Outside of what I do with Hazelwood, I am a crafter, poet, painter, perfumer, and plant lover. I share both my work though my instagram @hazelwoodhealing and in the Blog. Thank you for your interest in my work.

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